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Journal: June 25, 2012
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Human Rights (Gender)                              Idea of God                              Thought Process

Light: Nothing can go faster than light, except thought. I remember gazing at the stars as a child and as my gaze swept slowly from one star to another, I thought my “thought” was moving between the stars, much faster than light. I still think so, or am I just shifting attention from one set of cascading neural firings to another at a much more dreary meter per second or so? That too. Both.

Allah: Why did Allah make men bigger than women? Perhaps so the men can better protect the children from predators. Why not just make the women bigger then? He did. But women have to carry children to feed them, so even bigger they are more vulnerable (burdened with child) than men of the same size; so for a little energy efficiency Allah let them be smaller. He could have made them bigger than men, but it’s cheaper to let the men do most of the fighting. Or more likely or at least in addition, so men could have sex when they wanted.

Agnostisism: I just reread parts of my 34 year old thesis – damn it was (is) good. I got a PhD for saying, “I don’t know …. and you don’t either, but I can spin a good yarn”. I cried a couple of times as I encountered a raw, young way of expressing the essence of agnosticism, “I don’t’ know”. The last words were to the effect of, “the smallest is the powerful and the largest is the servant” – my contrarian ways go way back. That was, I am pretty sure, a conscious nod to Lao Tzu.

Am I the son of man? Well, of course. Are you? Almost certainly, “Yes”, but certainty rests in a place I cannot go. Can you? I doubt it.