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Journal: November 9, 2004
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Jail Time                                Start of Woodstock Years

Apartment Hunting: When released from prison November 4, my sister told me I could no longer live with her as a registered sex offender. So I looked for an apartment aware of 500 foot set back from schools and parks. I selected 205 West Todd, Apt 201, Woodstock, Illinois, where I have been ever since and it’s August 7, 2016, nearly 12 years later – soon the longest I have lived anywhere. In mid-December I received a phone call from a person who said he was a Woodstock police officer telling me a day-care center opened 500 feet away from my apartment’s property line and I would have to move after the State Police learned of it. He said he was just giving me a “heads-up”. I didn’t confirm the call with the Woodstock police department, but moved to Palisade, CO, and signed the lease on 940 S. Iowa, Apt 4 on my 71st birthday, January 9, 2017.