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Sinnock Genealogy Genealogy of the Sinnock Family going back to Adam and Eve. This website extracts 400 people from 11,000 posted at as Sinnocks and Kin. Extracted people are linked to family albums, descendent trees, and ancestor diagrams

Colorado Terraces Extension of my thesis area of the Uncompahgre Plateau and Grand Valley to the Colorado Rockies. This website relates glacial terraces to local tectonic uplift

Personal Art 300 pieces of my labeled, named art; organized by title, date, and category, including slide shows of 23 art categories

Colorado Roads Slide shows of photographs taken along many road trips through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado near where I live in Palisade, Colorado. Slide shows are organized by State and US road numbers and include user-controlled pacing

Ideas Database My thoughts, feelings and ideas collected in poems, journal entries, letters, and emails since I was an undergraduate geology student in Indianapolis. Ideas are not in logical order; defined more as 20 categories of random thoughts interlinked with my sources and sayings of "sages of the ages"