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This website developed from the end of 2014 until posting of the last three site on the internet in January 2021, websites in order of development:
1st site
Sinnock Genealogy:
I worked on and off from 1994 until posting on the internet in November 2015 on the Sinnock genealogy. In November 2014 I hired Rob McClurg of TurnKey Digital in Woodstock, IL to build a model including a color scheme of a site, based on the Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) website rough design I provided. Their simplified model (with help from really taught me HTML based on my long programming experience. I used my new Dreamweaver skills to apply their model for one person to 294 people and modified their embedded tables to better suit my evolving design. I applied their color scheme to my sites (see below): beige background; highlights in 006600 (hex) or 0, 102, 0 (RGB); and blue links with red hovering. Thanks, Rob.
2nd site
Colorado Terraces:
After moving to Palisade, CO in January 2017 at the upstream head of my thesis area on terraces and pediment of the Uncompahgre Plateau and Grand Valley, I couldn’t help but notice terraces and pediments everywhere that I drove through the nearby mountains. I selected free GRASS GIS system to profile terrace and pediment surfaces. After a steep learning curve I managed to draw the needed profiles and save them as Comma Separated Variable (CSV) files. I saved the maps with profile section lines as Portable Network Graphics (PNG) files. I imported the files in Microsoft Excel and Adobe Illustrator, respectively, where I labeled them. I saved the summary data in GRASS input format as contour maps of terrace heights above floodplains. I manipulated file types using Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, and Illustrator to create a suite of files as input to Dreamweaver where I made this website. I posted the site November 2019.
3rd site
Personal Art:
I hung all my artworks on walls at my new apartment in Palisade discovering many long forgotten pieces. I used my Dreamweaver skills to display my art on a website. I set up a lighted photo studio in one corner my apartment and took photos of each piece art. This site includes display of art by alphabetical titles, date, and 23 categories. I included slide shows of alphabetical titles, dates, and each of the 23 categories. I posted the site in January 2021 along with companion sites 4 and 5. Three sites are included on, it's cheaper that way. All three sites total less than 4 GB.
4th site
Colorado Rockies Roads:
In the meantime, I picked clear days to drive roads through the nearby mountains, mostly after it snows when roads are mostly dry. Trips included a gorgeous clear day when I drove over 5 passes more than 11,000 feet on paved roads. I took 400 images with my Nikon Coolpix (10x telephoto) camera that day. I take hundreds (but not that many) on all my drives, stopping along the sides of roads and through the windshield. I keep a camera in the car for items of interest along the road such as peculiar lighting. Using my personal art website as a model I selected photos to display on website slide shows organized by State or US road numbers.
5th site
Ideas Database:
For many years I kept a journal, in early years loose leaf collection of pieces of paper and a spiral bound Ball State Notebook. When I was in prison part of my therapy was to journal some thoughts ever day in a provided journal book. After release I kept journaling my thoughts, mostly on philosophical topics. In 2013 and 2014, I built a Microsoft OneNote database of ideas linked with my journal entries, poems, and aphorisms and 42 subcategories of ideas. I entered my journal entries directly in OneNote until I ran into local networking problems that corrupted OneNote files. I saved what I could, which included the structure of the database and did not open the database until June 2019 when I started to build a website mimicking the OneNote database. I reduced the subcategories of ideas to 23 and linked sages or the ages sayings to each idea as well as my journal entries, poems, aphorisms, emails, letters, internet comments, calculations, and biographical entries. I think I did a pretty good job of copying the OneNote database to HTML, n'cst ce pas?.