20170110 (J)
Journal: January 10, 2017

Palisade Move

Snowed in at the Top of the Continent: Today I decided to circle around the high passes along I-70. More avalanches were predicted at both the pass and Eisenhower Tunnel.I-70 was closed and predicted not to open for a least a day of more snow. So I took CO 13 north from Rifle to Craig and into Wyoming where it hooked up with I-80 which was open. The Wyoming continuation of CO 13 is WY 789, one of the most desolate stretches of road in the country.

The snow started in Craig and by the time I crossed over the Continental Divide into Great Divide Basin at the top of the North American Continent it was white out conditions. Four rivers flow from this broad “peak”: Green (Colorado); Platte (Mississippi); Missouri (Mississippi); and Snake (Columbia). The “peak” is an internally drained elliptical basin 30 miles NS by 60 miles EW.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I reached I-80. But the snow intensified and traffic was reduced one lane and 25 MPH. I cross out of the Great Divide Basin in Rawlins and pushed on, single lane to Sinclair where the state trooper signaled me that I-80 was closed. If I had been half mile ahead, I would have been allowed to pass.

I was lucky. Here I am six hours later at 6:00 pm according to my morning schedule still sitting at the same booth at the Sinclair truck stop and Sinclair, Wyoming, the home of Sinclair oil of Teapot Dome fame at nearly at the top of the continent. The classic green dinosaur is at the truck stop entrance. What a place to be stranded at a 24 hour truck stop due to a winter storm: one of my long held “bucket list” experiences, and at the same time of my FREEDOM.

Thank you girls. Clotho for spinning the thread of life, Lachesis for weaving this experience into the fabric of my life, and Atropo for not yet clipping her shears.

Cajun girl (low waist ala Mark) turned me on. Woman ~40 with husband struck up conversation with two black guys, husband out of it. He moved to join the conversation it became less laughter. Anyway she sits with legs spread in jeans tempting to think about her pussy.

About 25 to 30 people here in the restaurant waiting for I-80 to open either way. One group of 4 has been here as long as I, 7 hours now. Many truckers came in for a while then back to their “truck homes”. Only 13 left at 8:00 pm, 9 at 8:15, 4 at 9:30. I tried to sleep several time in the car. I think I caught a few 40 winks.