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The site is organized by separate indices for alphabetical title, subject, and date. The site links to slideshows for title, subject, and date, as well as each of the 23 categories. The categories and associated number of art pieces are listed alphabetically at right. Most (about 60%) art deals abstractions, contrasts of backgrounds and foregrounds and interplays of dimensions. Many other categories besides "Abstractions" contain abstractions. For example:
  • Intersecting membranes of M-Theory for "Membranes" of physics, leading candidate to "explain it all". Intersecting membranes create multiple new universes with "Big Bangs" of the own (different laws of physics) in multi-verses larger (and quantum scales) than the observable universe (hemisphere, more like a flattened cabachon centered on each individual including stars). I "discovered" calabi-yao manifolds the summer of 1977, critical for M-Theory;
  • Klein bottles "discovered" also in the summer of 1977 while playing mentally with mobius curves;
  • Geological patterns with Adobe Photoshop, Illustator, and Dreamweaver to develop websites such as this (e.g. Gaia Patterns);
  • Other abstactions created freehand and with tape, masks, and stencils.
The other 40% deal with people, animals, masks, landscapes, and the rest of the categories at right. I am by no means a professional or even accomplished artist, though my pencil drawing Dog won first place in a statewide contest for the disabled (my disability was/is bi-polar) and my acrylic painting Pathway to Recovery won third place in Thresholds Illinois statewide contest. As many people, I dabble in artistic expression. My father was a sketcher of plans. I took a blueprint drawing class with his encouragement sophomore year in high school.

My freehand art was never encouraged. I took Russian my sophomore and juniour yearsfrom a fat lady and one of her assignments was a card, captioned in Russian. I spent hours making cartoon fat Russian man look just right. She gave me the only “C” I got in high school. I abandoned freehand art for a while.

While smoking marijuana the second summer of my thesis field season in Grand Junction, Colorado, in 1977, I “invented” free-hand Klein bottles and Calabi–Yau manifolds drawing them before ever seeing them or hearing of them. I then concentrated on family matters and art like geologic maps and cross-sections during my professional career as a scientist.

On parole from prison for a year, which ended my career, I took freehand drawing and painting classes at the local junior college, more to get out of the apartment I had a radio signal tied to my ankle and one grocery trip each week was permitted. College classes were permitted drawing and painting classes included. For the next three years while on probation drinking a bottle of wine a night I produced a flurry of drawings and acrylic paintings. Fear of urine tests while on probation (never had one after the first) kept me from my drug of choice, marijuana that was illegal then in Illinios. After probation ended I started smoking marijuana regularly for the first time since that summer of 1977. I then focused on creating websites, much more procedure-oriented compatable with marijuna but not with alcohal, at least for me. So for the last 6 years my art is (are) my websites. Everything I do is art to me, else why do it?

I put my artworks on walls at my new apartment after moving to Palisade in 2017, discovering many long forgotten pieces. I set up a lighted photo studio in one corner my apartment and took a photo of nearly 300 pieces of art with a Nikon Coolpix camera mounted on a tripod extension directly over the art. I used Adobe Dreamweaver to build this website. The site displays individual artwork pieces on their own pages with their scales compared to a one yard square.

Category NoBrief Description
Abstractions 38 abstractions, not otherwise classified
Adobe Tools   9 examples
Animals 17 animals
Animal (abstract)   7 imaginary animals
Barns 16 barns in pencil and acrylic
Dimensions 44 including m-theory membranes and Klein bottles
Epoxy Flats   7 for thicker see Sculptures
Eyes   5 abstract eyes
Fluorescent   6 including painted weeds
Landscapes 23 various landscapes, some abstract
Masks   5 masks from various times
Parenthetical Faces   7 images of a form I invented in day hospital
People 14 of various people including 4 self portraits
People (abstract) 12 variously abstract people
Plants 18 of various plants
Professional Examples   6 example of professional art, I try to bring art to everything
Rubbings 16 rubbings of various objects including a basalt rock
Science Related Art   8 Mandelbrot sets and other science stuff
Sculptures 11 thicker epoxy art and one wood monument
Still Life   7 still life’s
Tetrahedra 10 tetrahedra, nature’s favorite form
Tombstone Rubbings 12 tombstone rubbing from various cemeteries
Uncompahgre Series 14 paintings of patterns from my thesis map