Altenative Working Hypotheses
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"There is no single teaching of the celestial phenomena: rather, there are multiple ways by means of which such phenomena are generated and there is a plurality of theorizing accounts, by means of which the natures of celestial phenomena are revealed to be consistent with sense perception."
            Appropriate Method, page 30

"One should not disapprove of any explanatory account because one has become partial to one single explanatory account. When this happen, one fails to discern what is feasible and what is not feasible by human standards and, consequently, one is reduced to wishing for what is even impossible to comprehend."
            Warnings on Methodlogy, page 34

"As a general rule, one should always remember that the best approach is the one that relies on multiple accounts. Additionally, one should always take a synoptic view of the assumptions that are generated and of the reasons that are given by the various accounts. And one should not attach disproportionate importance to inconsistencies or become trapped in blind alleys. These impel, one way or another, to single-factor explanations."
            Methodlogical Comment, page 35