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World Human Carrying Capacity
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20120321                                Science (Energy)

From: Scott Sinnock 2:14 pm, March 21, 2012
Subject: Re: your project for review

Mary Lou,
Here are the files of the handouts I gave last week. They are in Word 2010 format and one data file in Excel 2010 format. I can change these to almost any easily read format, so if these don't work, let me know. Thank your sister in advance for me.

Attachments included as files below
Universal Carrying Capacity Equation.docx;
Oil Production and GDP, 1965 - 2010.xlsx; (converted to web page)
Typical Energy Use of selected daily activities.docx; (converted to web page)
US and World GDP and Crude Oil Use.docx; (Word same as Excel file, if she can't read Excel files)

I dusted off and updated the Carrying Capacity Equation in the attached Word file and presented it to the Sigma Xi Conference on November 15, 2019.